An Ode to Sleep

I worship at the altar of Sleep.

I devote my life to Sleep. I make sacrifices for Sleep. I make offerings to Sleep.

When I do wrong, I reconcile with Sleep.

Sleep and I met when I was young. But we were both in relationships at the time.

As I go about my day, I keep my mind and heart focused on Sleep.

I have fun with Sleep. I feel connected to Sleep. I feel excited by Sleep.

I’ve never met anything I’ve liked as much as Sleep.

I used to push Sleep away. I didn’t think I deserved it.

But now Sleep is mine, and I belong to Sleep. Forever.

Sleep lights my fire. Sleep makes me feel alive.

Food and I broke up. Food was too demanding. We decided to just be friends.

I left Food for Sleep.

Sleep fulfills my needs. Sleep keeps things exciting. Sleep is a spark that never fizzles out.

Some people think my devotion is too much. They tell me I should take a break from sleep and see what else is out there.

I just laugh, because Sleep and I know what we have.

Nothing has ever made me feel the way Sleep has.

Many tried to sweep me off my feet. Food certainly tried.

As soon as I became intimately acquainted with Sleep, I could never go back. I broke a lot of hearts.

People think we’re too close, that Sleep doesn’t give me enough space.

But why would I want space from Sleep? Sleep has my heart. Sleep would never break it.

Sleep satisfies me. Sleep knows what I want. Sleep knows how to please me.

Sleep always puts me first. Sleep always takes me into account.

Sleep fulfills my every desire. Sleep gives me pleasure. Sleep pleasures me.

I know that I will always be safe with Sleep.

Every day will be an adventure with Sleep.

There will of course be rocky times. That’s life.

But I will weather every storm, with Sleep by my side.

Sleep makes me happy.

Sleep loves me.

by fitsandgiggles

Singer, Writer, Actor, Child & Pet-sitter, Dance-lover, ADHD brain, Highly Sensitive Empath, Movie-Quoter, Train Enthusiast, Heart-Spotter who is obsessed with babies.


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