An open letter to the love of my life

So hear me out;
I’m not,
I’m not a good judge of where and how,
All these things go.
But if I could,
I would align them in a single direction;
In a train that leads to forever.
I know I know,
Forever is a very dicey term.
But we are definitely not,
our zodiacs are supposedly
The peanut butter of the signs;
I don’t think I can go wrong with that.
Can I?
So as I was saying,
I’m not a good judge of where these things
Lead to,
But I think you can’t go wrong with love;
You know love-love,
I have been in “love” before
But this is different.
I don’t just feel butterflies in my stomach,
I mean I feel so lightheaded,
but also
I feel like Nancy Drew;
And by that I mean,
I am ready to solve all the riddles of the world.
And I know,
Forever is too much to ask for.
And I am not a good judge of where these things go,
But I’d trade everything in the world,
Just to be at home taking care of you.
And I know,
It sounds absurd;
And might I remind you,
That I am not a good judge of where these things go.
But being with you
feels like the most natural thing in the world.
And I’m not a good judge of what these things mean,
But I guess;
What I mean to say is,
Forever doesn’t feel too much when it comes to you.

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by Archita Talukdar

Just a girl who believes in her dreams.

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