Ancestral Awakening

Dear JaNelle

Do you feel me at night watching?
Do you feel the weight of me on your bed, when I sit?
Do you

see what I see in our dreams?
Do you feel the gifts of intuition?
Do you listen?
Did you feel my power, as I protected you from the crash?
Did you feel?

I see the skepticism in your eyes.
The uncertainty
I see your smile when you finally listen and give in
Do you speak, when I give you a voice?
When you do speak, your voice is loud, clear and passionate, everything I wanted to be.
Do you feel me living within you?
Do you see me in your mother’s face? Your nieces? Your Sisters?
I am all around.
We haven’t met and yet we live through each other.
I can’t give you the answers that you need. You are the choices.
I am your history and you are the present.
Listen, Feel, Voice, Try, Love, Exist.
Say any and everything as much as you need it and as often as you need it.
I am here. We are here.
Watching. Protecting.
Do you see, when we show you?
I know you do.
Just listen. Be intuitive.
Most importantly cherish everything.
Time is TIme.
It moves, it sees and it knows.
Use it.
Be Smart.
You are. 

by LeeMBreaux

I am a graduate student, who loves storytelling. I believe from every story written, told or read you learn a little bit more about yourself, and society. Dare I say the author too?


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