And Another Thing

Life is fleeting.

Life is unfair.

We are here one moment, gone the next.

I can continue with about a million other clichés that I have heard throughout my life, but there is one that is causing the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up. Take notice, heed my warning. There is urgency in this message, and I feel the need to share.

Right now, things make no sense. Why is it that murderers, child molesters, and people who commit unspeakable acts continue to roam this earth well into old age? Especially when innocent children, those who are trying to do good, the selfless and the philanthropic are called back into the universe to their maker?

This leaves me perplexed. No, I’m angry as hell. I want to sit on the floor, in utter darkness crying and pleading—calling out to the Universe to help me understand. To help me make sense of what is obviously the incomprehensible. Some people attempt to bring a Pollyanna positivity to these situations. They say, everything happens for a reason, God has a plan, the universe has a bigger calling.

To these responses I say, and I mean no disrespect, and I say this in the nicest possible tone—Screw off!

I just can’t understand how any God, or gods, could rationalize a purpose amongst utter despair. What could be the reason for a mother losing her husband, and daughter in the same helicopter crash? Or God’s plan for priests molesting alter boys? Or the calling of the universe, for a stray bullet ending the life of a woman enjoying lunch in a restaurant with her fiancé? How the hell do you rationalize these situations?

There is no rational thought process that can explain these nightmare occurrences.

Why? I scream, silently in my head.

Enter the cliché that started this post.

Life is short. Simple, and to the point.

We don’t know how many days we  have left on this earth, but of one thing we can be certain—our days are numbered.

Remember this! Damn it, write it on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror. And do yourself a favour—Stop complaining.

Stop complaining about your lack of money, your dislike for your job, or perhaps the unhappiness you feel at your life situation. Just stop!

Stop focusing on the what if’s, the if only’s, the their life is better than mine because…

YOUR LIFE IS BETTER (Yes, I’m using the shouty capitals).

Your life is better for the mere fact that you are still alive. Sure your situation may suck—but for the love of all that is pure and good, you, (we) owe it to those who are no longer with us to continue to create a legacy of hope. To walk in the footsteps of kindness, to connect with one another despite our differences, to treat each other with respect, dignity and basic understanding, even when we don’t understand. Push forward, and persevere, even when we struggle to see the light. We owe this to ourselves and to those who no longer have the opportunity to make a difference. We, have that opportunity, so don’t squander it.

For what its worth, here’s my two cents…

Live life to the fullest.

As the band Trooper sang,

We’re here for a good time, not a long time, so have a good time, the sun can’t shine every day.

So, grab life by the balls and squeeze. Squeeze hard, and squeeze every ounce of love, laughter, and opportunity out of this sucker that you can.

Enter another cliché.

Be vulnerable, take the risk—it really is just that simple.

by Kelly Wilson

I’m Kelly and I’m a Registered Nurse/Nurse Manager. I’m also a mom, a coach but most of all I love to write flash fiction stories.

I believe that every one of us has a powerful story within us. That’s why I created a flash fiction series-Stories with Sole-that centres around the lived stories of people and their shoes. If you could walk in the soles of someone else, what would you learn?


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