Another Love Letter

You’re the only good thing I see when I look back and the only thing pulling me forward
Whatever constellations were poured into you, also dwell in me
You’ve no idea how the years of your absence have left me tortured
For you and I were undeniably meant to be

My favorite memories are the ones we haven’t yet made
The ones where we drown our souls in the earth and watch the stars as we dream aloud
If our bodies are collected dust from the skies, then together may we fade
Oh, to own every single breath and bone of you would make me so proud

The one thing that terrifies me most is to fall
But falling for you is such beautiful, intimate bliss
Yours is the only name I will forever call
For you possess my deepest love with the sweetest kiss

If ever in this life I were to lose you
My heart would remain ever broken
As there has never been a love so true
Or more enchanting words spoken
Than I love you

by Melany Moon

I'm a single mother of 3 beautiful kids and currently a college student trying to find my place in this world. I'm a lover of words, nature and animals. I write poetry mostly for myself but I hope to be a voice of self worth to others someday.

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