Anything you can do I can do… with a Creative Writing degree

I once read an Odyssey article about how Creative Writing majors can “throw job security out the window.” In other words, people think Creative Writing majors can’t get a job outside of teaching and/or writing (duh) unless they’re either lucky or win the lottery (win isn’t so hard with the best lottery sites). The truth of the matter is that you can actually do anything with a Creative Writing degree that doesn’t have to do with publishing, grant writing, teaching, etc.! Disclaimer: I am NOT shaming anyone with these kinds of jobs.

Having a writing background helps

From learning how to edit in my Literary Publishing class, I learned more grammar rules than I did… ever. 🤷‍♀️  In fact, I’ll give you one that I didn’t learn until my [second] sophomore year. Did you know that adverbs don’t belong at the beginning of a sentence? I used to be more of a poetry person, but this class helped me in terms of reading and dissecting fiction, as well as do my English Lit courses. Reading helps with my blog writing, too, as did my “How to Write Your Novel” course.

English Lit and Comm courses help too!

I’ve never personally taken a Communications class but I did have a journalism internship, as you all know if you’ve been following me since 2018. At my internship with Rhode Island Monthly, I learned how to be a better writer and learned basic rules of writing, not just the AP style of writing. This goes to show that any writing job, including being a writing tutor, helps you learn all styles of writing — even legal writing!

As far as English Literature goes, I’ve learned about different cultures including the Victorian Era, America Pre-Columbus, Africa in the 20th and 19th century and Ancient Greece — all without taking a single history course in college (I’m not shaming history majors, either).

Overall, having a writing background, whether it’s in Journalism, Communications, English literature or Creative Writing helps you land any job. Me? I’m looking at jobs in the domestic violence realm, so no, you don’t “need” to have a degree in Criminal Justice and/or Psychology (not shaming those, either).

So, if you feel like you “regret” your degree in any way, don’t! Any degree, essentially, helps in any field you go into; you just have to find out for yourself!

by aprilfederico

April Federico is a Rhode Island-based content creator, creative writer, editor, and social media guru. She has been a digital and social content creator since 2018. She studied Creative Writing and Visual Arts at Roger Williams University and is currently attending Emerson College for its M.A. in Publishing and Writing. She hopes to one day go into magazine publishing.


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