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Mother of Wands + Mouse Spirit

Mama Wands knew that fires were not born from nothing, no matter how much she wished it could be that easy. She knew that to create fire it would take patience, dedication, determination and passion of her own. But she needed it to stoke the fiery depths of her own soul and bring her to life. And so, Mama Wands gathered all the tools she’d need, recalled all the spells she’d recite and, most importantly, honed all the inner magic she possessed. She then hunkered down into the darkest, deepest corner of the cave in which she dwelled and began the process. First, she dug out a great, shallow pit in which she could house the fire; she edged the pit with large rocks, all to keep it safe and burning. Then, she lay a bed of the finest, driest tinder, upon which she stacked a healthy amount of kindling to aid the fire’s birth. Around and upon this, she stacked a structure of larger, dry logs which she had spent the days preceding chopping and collecting from the forest around her dwelling house. Once she was done, she sat back on her heels, closed her eyes and took in several deep breaths. She put her thoughts out to the divine, universal energy asking for support, requesting aid in getting the fire burning. She sat in silence for a while, recounting her steps and ensuring all was in order. She opened her eyes and struck her flint, sending sparks into her creation until it took light. A small fire caught and began to grow; more and more flames began to erupt until Mama Wand’s pit was full of life and light and energy. She smiled fiercely and with pride. In the days to come, many would gather around Mama’s fire—food would be shared, laughter would be had, great dances would be enjoyed; but, Mama Wands would always look back on these initial steps and know that it was the effort, time and care that she put in here and now that allowed this bonfire and greatest of gatherings to occur. Without the first-minute details, without taking those first tiny steps, it all would be for not.

This month, the Mother of Wands invites us to embrace our most fierce and wild self. There is time to sit back and wait; there is time to watch; there is time to be quiet and humble and removed; but now is not that time. As of us in the Northern Hemisphere are beginning to burst into spring, there is a renewed sense of energy and growth; the Mother of Wands asks us to take advantage of that energy this month. Mama Wands is a strong figurehead. She is determined and feisty, she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. And yet, all the while, she is compassionate, sensitive and protective of what is hers. We step into this energy when we set a vision and doggedly pursue it. We embrace this powerful force when we wake up to the world and allow ourselves to be seen and heard. We nurture this aspect of ourselves when we openly connect and collaborate with others. Mama Wands wants you to do all of this throughout the month of April. Ask yourself in what ways could you embed more passion into your life? How can you live life to its fullest? How can you take most advantage of this season of renewal and use the energy to bolster your vision for yourself and go after it?

When we wake up to the Mother of Wands, we find that we will wake up to ourselves. Don’t be afraid. Embrace this energy.

I can hear a small, timid voice asking in the background: “But how do we truly go about doing this?” And to that, Mouse Spirit has come in response. With the big and bold and fiery energy that the Mother of Wands brings to us this month, our natural inclination is to think big and to go all out. We want to think of the long-term and desperately cling to the big picture; the bigger the better, we convince ourselves as we envision the breadth and width of total possibility. But Mouse Spirit reminds us that we must nurture, embrace and embody this energy by starting small. By starting here. By starting now.

As Mary Oliver asks, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mouse, too, asks this question and urges you to reach out and touch the very threads of your life that are before your eyes. Notice them, pay attention to the close details and take stock of your life. Are you living it as you truly want? Are your day-to-day actions aligned with your greater purpose and intention? This is how you will begin to make change. This is how you will begin to awaken. Dream big, yes; but, don’t neglect the small things you can do here and now to fill yourself with meaning and purpose and passion.

As Mouse would have you do, notice what is before and what truly matters. Touch these things and allow the energy of Mama Wands to reinvigorate your soul with a newfound excitement and eagerness. Then, begin to lay down the foundation for growth. Just as Mama Wands put in the time to build her burning fires, you, too, must take the time and effort to initiate those first foundational steps. Dig your fire pit. Establish your tinder, collect your kindling and gather enough logs to stoke your fire for as long as it will burn. We cannot have the fire if we do not first tend to these steps; nor can we keep it burning for as long as we’d desire if we do not allot the time and effort required. Allow the Mother of Wands to instill in you the passion and dedication to go after that which you want for yourself this month; and allow Mouse Spirit to guide you through taking those first little steps towards achieving it. Together these energies help us to not only identify the end goal we desire, but to also take the first action steps necessary in order to cultivate it.

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by Kim

Kim is a social worker, writer and intuitive reader. She has used the tarot to reconnect with her spirituality and engage in deep self-healing. She hopes to lead others to do the same. Kim is an advocate for mental health, wellness and authenticity. By day she works as a social worker in an educational setting; by night she reads tarot, makes magic, and cuddles her dogs.

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