Are Gay Couples Happier And More Sexually Satisfied?

Same sex couples are generally happier than heterosexual ones, as found in research conducted by Stephanie Coontz from the Council on Contemporary Families. The main reasons for the findings are the absence of stereotypes within the home, and the agreed-upon division of household chores. Gay partners are also more sexually satisfied, owing to factors such as better communication. As stated by Coontz, “What straight couples can learn from same-sex ones is not that everyone has to share every chore equally, but that they really need to talk it through.” Another vital lesson heterosexual couples can learn from gay ones, she says, is that confronting assumptions and ensuring everyone is doing some things they like and some things they don’t, can help partners feel cherished, cared about, and appreciated.

Are Gay People Having Better Sex?

If you’re in a heterosexual relationship, then you could be less likely to enjoy an orgasm. As found in a 2018 University of Arkansas/Indiana University study, women having sex with other women were more likely to orgasm than heterosexual partners. Part of the problem is the ‘phallocentric’ nature of sex in a patriarchal society. Men are expected to take the initiative, and women are less likely to be vocal about what they want. Moreover, the act of vaginal-penile intercourse does not necessarily lead to orgasm, since only 49.6% of women can orgasm this way. It is recommended that couples bring more equality into the bedroom by experimenting with new ways to meet each partner’s needs and desires.

Does Monogamy Matter?

Research compiled by R Mackey indicates that gay male partners who are not monogamous last longer than those who are monogamous. In other words, in this case, being open to sexual experiences with other people can promote stability and satisfaction. Lesbians, on the other hand, report a higher level of happiness in their relationship when they are monogamous.

How Relevant Are Marriage And Long-Term Relationships?

Research undertaken by University of Washington scientists (focusing on LGBT older adults) found that those who were married or in long-term relationships were happier than those who were single. Those who were married had even better outcomes, owing to the fact that they have more social support and greater financial resources. Single LGBT adults were more likely to state that their physical, psychological, social and/or environmental quality of life was lower. They were also more likely to have experienced the death of a partner (this was especially true for men). The legalization of same-sex marriage has enabled individuals to access a plethora of benefits – including Social Security survivor benefits and tax exemptions.

Studies indicate that LGBT couples are generally happier than heterosexual ones. Factors such as the equitable division of chores and (in the case of lesbian women) more frequent orgasms help to boost psychological and physical satisfaction. Couples who are married, meanwhile, have additional social and financial advantages, indicating the many benefits that same-sex marriage legalization has brought.

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