Are You Mad?

All that precious space

My big nose and big lips

Are you mad?

My big thighs and big breasts

Are they taking up too much space?

My big words and colossal feelings

My big laughs and heavy depression

Does it make you uncomfortable?

My massive collection of knowledge

My infinite stream of tears

The tremendous fight inside of me

Can you feel yourself getting smaller?

Is it suffocating?

I know.

I’m suffocating too

Still struggling to take these enormous breaths

Holding up this massive body

My stupendous courage slung over my shoulder

Your monstrous need for me to stay small

to stay, insignificant.

Breath in through your nose, out through your mouth

Three times, and repeat.

I’m still suffocating

But now you are too.

by ajhanb

I am a senior at Drew University obtaining my degree in English with a Creative Writing concentration. Creative Non-Fiction and Fiction are my favorite genres to write. My overall career goals are to become a published author and own a publishing house of my own. I hope that through Harness I can continue to find amazing writers and use this outlet to put my work out into the world.


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