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Puzzled   She need not find herself for she was born with all the pieces pieces put together in the dark bargained into place by faith fooling love and sharp reprieves bits of sky squashed to ground a picture not quite finished for she can change it she has spent long days and longer nights enslaved by wishing and finally wishes have stepped aside she has stepped forward.   Name: Tarnee Watts Email: Author Bio: Published poetess at the age of 13, I took some time off to learn about life, boys, heartbreak and how to do my taxes. Now I am a writer, currently calling Cape Town home and calling out to the words each day to let me wrangle them into the shape of a poem. Link to social media or website:  


Samy Ruby is a Brooklyn based Professional Photographer. For work, she shoots families and weddings all over NYC. On her own time, Samy loves creating intimate portraits and using her work to explore movement. This piece is titled “Capturing Movement and Power.” Photographer/Artist: Samy Ruby Email: Link to social media or website:  Photos of Jessica Ray, Artistic director and producer of dance into deliverance


About a year ago, I used to want you to taste life with me. I wanted you to experience a rogue summer. I wanted to show you how to let all cares escape and bask in the moonlight. I wanted to make you drunk Off my intoxicating persuasion.   But, you have been gone overseas for a while. And I’ve been living life on spur moments. Not much has changed. But, maybe that’s the point? Our souls only rekindle and fixate on each other For brisk moments, and disconnect before life starts.   Regardless, we sit. Today we sit in each other’s presence on a train To a faraway land, for one last chance at tasting life. Only so we can say, “We will always have Prague.”   I will be with you in a foreign city, And maybe Prague will be where things can change. Maybe you can be the person I wante...


It was second grade, we were drawing our self portraits with crayon. The boy across from me stated, why do you make the arms and legs so long, that is wrong you know. I looked down at my masterpiece and back up at him and said, that is how I see myself. Title: Low-key Botanist Title: Prettiness is Not a Rent Title: On or Off Title: One of the Guys Title: Burnt Author: Amber Vittoria Email: Author Bio: Amber Vittoria is an illustrator living and working in New York City. Clients include Saks Fifth Avenue, Teen Vogue, Lenny Letter, Man Repeller, Interscope Records, VaynerMedia, Victoria’s Secret, and Sony Music Entertainment. Link to social media or website:


CHRISTMAS DAY, 2001 We rush Christmas present opening and a breakfast of cinnamon rolls. I gather my Game Boy Advance, Mario Kart, batteries and a blanket (you drive without your coat on,
and while I want to be just like you,
I get cold far more easily). Mom goes off to work, her nurse’s schedule rarely allowing her holidays off. Interstate 79 is ours, dad. No one else in the greater Erie area dares leave their families at 7 a.m., Christmas morning. We have the road, white cheddar popcorn, and a soundtrack of laughter, classic rock (mom wouldn’t approve) and Yoshi yelping as he redshells Bowser. In four hours, we will be with your side, with my once-a-year grandma, aunt and cousin. In those four hours, I watch you transform into who you truly are, and who thirteen-year-old me a...


    Artist: Karissa Breuer Email: Artist Bio: Karissa Breuer is a Los Angeles based visual artist that primarily creates high contrast illustrations and fluid, colorful abstract paintings. She currently makes a living doing odd jobs like dog walking and video editing, but she is determined to make her passion for art into a full time career in the near future. She exhibits her work in group shows around the Los Angeles area, creates commissioned art for clients,  and is working to open an online shop for her art soon. Link to social media or website:       


THE SHADOW IN HER WOMB the deepest darkest parts of yourself the parts of yourself that you don’t just hide from OTHERS but you hide from YOURSELF. the first hidden thought creeped into your head when you were just a girl. innocent. naive. you didn’t know what to do with it. you didn’t know how to COPE with the pain of it… so.  you put it away for safekeeping, stored it in a box. what you’ve forgotten is that you hid that box INSIDE OF YOURSELF. and so there it lives. lurking… seeping through the cracks in the box. having its say in every aspect of you life its voice its louder than you may even know but… then again. YOU KNOW. you feel it. deep in your core…. the pain your soul carries memories.  your body knows them well. the truth bubbles up from time to time but you run away...


I’m Karen Vermeulen, an illustrator from Cape Town, South Africa. When I was a little kid I loved picture books and I’ve never outgrown that love. Why should I? I love stories and I love beautiful images. Which is probably why when I do illustrations I can’t help but come up with back stories, character quirks and sometimes even plots. Like these Ladies from Straffordshire. They are a tight group of frenemies and not quite as proper as they appear to be. Lady Hortencia is the perfect lady and wife except for the small fact that she is sleeping with the gardener and likes to flash the staff and then pretend it never happened. Lady Isobella secretly drinks gin out of teacups all day and flirts outrageously with everyone, except her husband… Lady Jacoba likes to judge ...


Juliet E P Gibbs is a visual artist living in Cornwall, England. She started painting from a young age and is currently in her second year studying Fine Art BA at Falmouth University. This project is an ongoing series of paintings that started as sketches and drawings, and are now evolving into larger paintings. Themes in her work include: plant-life, the natural world, relationships between humans and nature, and colour. Each painting describes an intended understanding between memory, the earth, an  d how we, as humans, visually perceive our connection between the two. Often, Juliet paints only to satisfy her love of the visual, and finds interesting connections between her thoughts and muses within the paintings, post-creation. You can see more of her work at


  “A girl who enjoys juxtaposing visual aesthetics with social empowerment” Series: her. Project: love your lines My main focus was to empower women, find out their biggest insecurities and show them how pretty those insecurities actually were. My inspiration were my friends, hearing them talk about themselves negatively wasn’t pleasant, I wanted to show them how beautiful they actually were and still are. I did this by using typical masculine and feminine colours in the studio but focusing solely on the parts of their bodies they didn’t want to show the world. Self-love is important. Artist: Henna Lakhani Website: Instagram: hennalakhaniva Link to your social media or website:        


Bio: Page Perrault and Lacey Sombar are both photographers living in Georgia. They met in college where they studied art and learned techniques in film photography. This collaborative project was a product of their mutual love for film. After college they began shooting rolls of film and mailing them to the other. When they got the package in the mail the roll of film would then be shot again creating two overlaid images, called double exposures. Each image describes two unique perspectives and spaces in their lives. You can see more of their work at and


Walking gets too boring, when you learn how to fly… How far is too far? Isn’t it wonderful that the modern woman can do about 98% of what our male counterparts can do with twice as much zeal and quadrupled efficiency? Well, I could’ve said 100% but we all know we can neither walk around shirtless neither father our own babies because if we could God knows just how far we would have gone. Just how far is too far in our revolution of women empowerment? Are we becoming too smart? Too beautiful? Too talented? Too strong? Are we becoming a threat to the very essence of feminism? Is our quest for equality more of a selfish claim for attention? Is being a queen proving to be a questionable journey that is becoming unfathomable within humankind? Are we just too much? Well fellow ...

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