Art At Coachella

Coachella rocked the presentation of art installations during its 2019 festival.
Before even entering the festival, they provided an exploratory art installation experience, set up all across the desert. This required you to download the “Desert X” app, where you were given access to a digital map. The various installations across the desert included giant sculptures, billboards, galleries and more.
Harness explored one of the “Desert X” experiences, titled “SPECTER” by Sterling Ruby. A giant red orange box in the middle of the desert.
Inside the Festival:
The amount of art experiences inside of the festival grounds almost matched the amount of musical experiences in numbers.
A few of our favorites:
Giant triangular installations allowed for SHADE, not only providing visual effects, but more importantly, efficiency in dealing with the weather. The insides of the triangles were almost always full of festival goers lounging with water and catching a moment of shade.
A most impressive, GIANT moon man! And he moved! Workers helped guide him all around the festival grounds—his hands and face had moving parts, with futuristic light effects and music, of course. Standing directly under it and seeing how massive it was almost kind of scary!
Cactus installations provided platform seating, helping to see the main Coachella stage a little better from far away. And, of course, they were colorful opportunities for photo ops.
Immersive Rainbow Tower! Our Harness girls were excited to go inside and walk all the way to the top (mostly for the air conditioning). From the outside, the tower seemed colorful and cool. The inside, however, was a bit disappointing—a ramp that took a long time to get to the top. We didn’t know what to expect, but we were disappointed that there wasn’t anything actually at the top. The inside view wasn’t rainbow or colorful, the walls and floors were white and the windows were “normal.”
The Antarctic Powered by HP was definitely our favorite!
This was an immersive dome—again, air conditioned (yay!)—and inside were giant bean bag chairs.  Everyone picks a seat and an immersive show begins. The dome becomes a light show of what seems like space and deep-sea effects with ambient EDM beats playing.  It was SO COOL.
There were many more installations inside and outside of the grounds, but these were a few of our favorites!
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