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Being a prisoner is just a state of mind, we can stay grounded or we can fly.

Being a prisoner is just a temporary state. We choose to fight or we choose to stay.

Being a prisoner is just a thought and thoughts can change.

Being a prisoner helps us grow because in stillness we listen, we listen to our inner voice and we get to choose, we get to choose to no longer be a prisoner.


We often think prisoners are just the ones behind bars, but in fact, we are also prisoners in many ways. When we look within we start to identify thoughts that limit and scare us, we create separation between the world and ourselves. We lock ourselves up behind bars called insecurities, self-doubt, judgment, traumas, fears and denial.

Some of these thoughts are reinforced by our everyday behaviors and interactions with others whether we believe it or not. These thoughts tend to grow, and over time they create an imbalance within us that block our ability to create a different reality. We become prisoners of our own thoughts, and then we ask ourselves, when is this going to end?

The truth is, we limit ourselves because we want to. There is a sense of security when we choose to repeat behaviors and patterns; it’s familiar and it feels comfortable. In order to step out of this mental prison, we need to recognize our strengths and trust that whatever it is we are going through, there is a way out, but not how we expect it. The only way out is by thinking and acting differently from what we are used to. This is called growth.

Growth doesn’t come from feeling comfortable. The truth behind growth is that there is a sense of discomfort that makes you want to choose differently. It forces you to let go of what holds you back and to challenge yourself to a new beginning. Growth has moments of happiness and triumph, but it also has moments of loneliness and grief. Sometimes we need to take a step back and understand that some parts of our story have come to an end, and this may be hard to process and accept especially if those parts have left a mark in your life. These parts of our story will always be carried in our hearts and the lesson will always remain, but new paths require a new mindset and this pushes you to believe that life can be different from what it used to be.

This growth breaks you out of your mental prison; where your self-doubts no longer control you, rather boost you to find new ways to face them.





Author: Daniela Ortiz
Author Bio: Mental health counseling student in training. She is currently developing a motivational and supportive blog to encourage women to nourish their bodies and minds by becoming aware of themselves and finding strength in between the shadows of life. She is passionate about writing and shares her words through her blog in Spanish and English.
When all else fails, write it out!
Link to social media or website: Instagram @ortzdani

Photo by Feifei Peng on Unsplash



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