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I’ve traveled thousands of miles to get to you 

I’ve seen those snowcapped mountains in search of something true 

And I did walk those dirt paths high in the sky hand in hand with you 

Even though I was scared I wanted to see it through 

You told me to lean on you, I did, and I fell in 

I risked those doubts and faced those fears but you had a different spin 

Elevated on steep creations I gripped your back 

You smiled, laughed and showed me where to step 

You repeatedly said “Don’t worry, I’ve got you” and held out your hands 

And we connected, I felt safe, and I let go of all the control I had 

I followed my heart to the hills but you knew it wouldn’t last 

I wish you told me before but sometimes there shouldn’t be a second chance with your past 

They all told me to feel it, feel all of it, then heal from it 

But what, if I ask, you can’t stop thinking about it? 

There’s so many things I would like to say 

But all I can think of is just stay, stay 

I know you’re miles away but don’t you think we owe it to each other to try? 

…Why? Just please don’t say goodbye 

I don’t think you feel the same pain, at least not in the same place I do 

The moment you realize everything you feared has come true 

It’s that stinging, aching, burning in the middle of my chest 

If you go now I know this is something you will regret 

Don’t run, fight, try, this brings tears to my eyes 

I didn’t think that would be the last time we’d look up at those Colorado skies 

I pointed out constellations as we stood in the street 

It was a quarter to ten and you were looking over at me 

This isn’t what I choose but I can’t seem to get through 

Break in, so we can win 

So now I’ll go, again 

Years might pass and I’ll be just a memory 

Of a young woman full of love making plans because you wanted to see me 

Now the tables have turned so quickly as you came 

For we both reached out to each other and just a little more this time we gave 

I’ve exhausted my heart and time expressing my feelings for you 

And how quickly you were to apologize and said this was the right thing to do 

I swore you felt the same, yes, I saw it in your eyes 

At every meal, every encounter, every touch, all you had to do was try 

So now you’ll be another thing I’ll have to move on from 

And I wish, I wish on all the Aspen stars we would have won 

I know you’ll want me back maybe somewhere down the line 

But this was your choice, this third and final time 

Those Aspen nights might keep you warm but only for awhile 

I think deep down you knew if you kept me safe I’d keep you wild 

The moments we did share you’ll think back when there’s another indent on your pillow 

And you’ll feel the same sadness I feel now and wish that person was me though 

A beautiful scenic town that smells like Christmas with all the candles burning bright 

I had a feeling you were going to leave and this time I was right 

Maybe this was the only love you’ll ever be shown 

But now I have to run, run, run into the unknown 



Author: Jessica Stanley
Author Bio: I am an educator, poet, writer, and fitness enthusiast. My poetry focuses on love and life experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today. I write for the hopeful romantics, the guarded, the silent, the joyful, the jaded, and the loving. Poetry has been my strength, my voice, and my heart that I wish to share with the world to heal, to wish, to love once more.
Link to social media: Instagram @jessi_claire

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