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Aubade to a Husband

there are large windows in the new house
such real light makes moving seamless

today the emotion is orange
after rains the carved letters
on the wood are blazing suns
the bark remembers, we see it

more now: i love you

sometimes winds can blind us
i thought because of the branches
you knew there’s no such thing
but allowed me to still wonder
as curiously as i had to be
some days we almost dial the old house numbers
who would answer? would it even ring?
who knows the moment we learned the patterns

and maybe we didn’t become a revolution
but at the very least we were a questioning
free minds, free hearts
this is what matters

only we know
only we remember
the houses we once drew in chalk
on the childhood streets, the dreams
the true love in
the house we’d live in
with a chimney, a fox and
near the water

and look how resilient the future is
despite our forgetfulness, promises never to underestimate
the importance of large windows

of the sea
of you
of me

of the calm flow

me in bed, you downstairs
moving seamless
together making

this house
this dance
my neck
still smells of vanilla oils
you tell me, like before
here we are, like before
like always
against the walls
where my body believes in you
in us
like your hands
travelling down
and down
in years of years
and up
towards our first kiss

saying thank you thank you thank you

from across the rooms, old and new
we walk the corridors together
is true not always smooth and often even foolish
is love, is always a blessing

in you of you is me of me is us
of us is love

by lkourteva

Having lived across three continents, Lubomira is a Canadian writer, poetess, humanitarian and founder of "Art of Love" where she writes and teaches on relationships, intimacy, wellness, mysticism, folklore, and intuitive and spiritual development. She is also the author of poetry books "Moonhold" (2019) and "The God-like Things" (2021). Most recently she was published on The Poetry Question Journal, and has been a contributing writer to Thought Catalog, Sivana East and Elephant Journal.


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