Author: Alexia Montgomery


my path to walking in the direction of peace.  my path to self-love, my path to balance. Step One: FORGIVING MYSELF. Forgiving myself for two years ago, forgiving myself for yesterday. Recognizing that I have made mistakes, and will continue to make mistakes, and that it is okay to make mistakes. Not blaming the world, others or circumstances that I was born into, but rather accepting my control, ...


Generation Z and I sure know how to connect. We follow, mention and repost, but we donʼt actually hang out. Or maybe thatʼs just a personal problem? Most of my friends are via the internet. I met my girlfriend on a dating app, and I make most of my connections through Instagram. I canʼt help but wonder if this is healthy. The last time I was in a bar I saw a familiar face; a “famous” Instagram pub...

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