My name is Lisa and I am a word slayer, a proprietor of words. I've been writing stories for myself for as long as I can remember. I believe my passion for story-telling comes from my love of books. When I was a pre-teen I discovered the works of R.L. Stine & Christopher Pike. That summer, the Book It! Reading Club was giving out free personal pan pizza coupons for every 10 or 20 books you could read. I would go to the library and leave with a stack of books bigger than my arms could hold. I made it my mission to get through every book in the Fear Street collection, as well as every book in that fancy script font on the cover of the Christoper Pike books. Those stories became my friends and I can still recall my favorites. I was also rewarded with so many pizza coupons, that I was sick of pizza by the end of the summer! Today I continue to write stories whenever an idea strikes me. I have a collection of stories that I can't wait to release to the world, starting with a debut novel that I am currently working on. I am also a master gardener intern, a dog lover, and a mom of two.
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