Hi! My name is Nataly Feliciano-Soto (Nataly Feliciano is my legal name), I am a 19 year old Latinx (Puerto Rican) American from Richmond, Virginia. I have a dream to one day be one of the biggest contributors to the rise of brutal yet essential and beautiful wave of Latinx representation and newly propounded towards told through the eyes of Latinx characters. It is my mission to give the little Puerto Rican girl who grew up in a small predominantly Caucasian town outside of Richmond, Virginia represnation in all different shapes and forms as much as possible. I want young Latinx girl like me to see themselves as wizards, superheroes, anti-heroes, queens or even the CEO of their own company. Which is why I am currently working on my bachelor's in cinema to make my dreams happen. But until I can work my way up; I have self published the first of my stories: Twin magic (available on amazon), released by first short film: Vailente (available on YouTube) and want to continue to get my foot in the door as much as I can! So welcome to my page where I will reflect on my journey, personal struggles and other topics I find fun :)
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