Yasmin Elzomor
Hi loves! My name is Yasmin Elzomor and I am a NYC based relationship + trauma coach. I began fulfilling my mission and purpose through coaching a few years ago when I ended a 4 year relationship. It was a relationship filled with hardship and trauma - I was in a very transitional and difficult point in my life where I didn't know what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. I constantly wondered why I was always attracting unhealthy men and relationships so I wanted to dive deeper into my own shadows and break this cycle I kept hitting. Shortly after ending that relationship, I realized that I wanted to help other women (and men) to step into their power and attract healthier relationships into their lives by understanding their trauma and internal worlds. I am so passionate about helping other people rise and live the life they are worthy of living, as well as holding myself accountable by doing the same and leading with integrity. Aside from this mission, I am also a content creator + influencer. I work with many different brands that I love and I create content for them and help them grow.
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