Avalon time

I’ve bookmarked these moments in time
Dogeared the corners with folded pages
Marking the making of our memories
By penning the passing of seconds and decades
In passages of words
Dedicated to you 

Always writing to remember you
Whenever I find time
So it goes – we’ll always have my words
Our shared lives on these shared pages
Even when our faces manifest many decades
In the wrinkled storylines of memories 

Today’s stories become tomorrow’s memories
Baby, teenage and adult you
Staying true throughout your decades
Bound in the book of time
Its postmarked pages
A paradox of time-travelling words 

Like your first words
Once spoken, are now written memories
Listening to the ink on these pages
I can still hear you
Call me ‘mama’ that first time
Your voice echoes through the decades 

I hope you live long decades
And your story has many more words
When I’ve written all mine, lived out my time
And belong only in memories
I promise I’ll still be with you
Like the words side by side on these pages 

May your life never have empty pages
Never a quiet decade
May it take forests of trees to remember you
Paper bursting with life and words
Exploding with memories
Of your beautiful lifetime 

My wish for you: keep filling and folding those pages
Make an heirloom of time to grace your decades
My loving words only ever a preface for your memories 


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by blue_mumday

New mum. Newer poet.
Inspired by my 1 year-old daughter, comedy and outer space.


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