Away from you

Away From You

It is the times like these
Where my mind has been so wearied by the day
That my soul cannot sleep
And it longs for you
The stresses find me, and snap at me, snarling, tearing, pulling me down
And all I can wish for is the heat of your body to curl up to
To warm the ice the anxiety leaves in my bones
The hope that I will soon be home in your arms becomes both solace and sorrow
For even as I dream of this
I wake to find myself alone,
The comfort now turned cruel mockery of my needs
And they bleed from my eyes as tears, my cure withheld from me-
The sight of your face and the sound of your voice become insufficient
As my craving for you leaves me crazed
Because the truth is I want you close enough not just to touch but to taste-
I long to pour my desire out from my mouth unto yours
Trace the rivers of my love for you onto your skin
Carve the fire you cause to blaze in my heart into your body
My spirit keens in loneliness,
And I drown in utter desire
Reason and madness are both cast by the wayside
As my wildness rouses at the shape of your name on my tongue
And yet still I wait, arms outstretched, for you to fill them.

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by LunadeYemaya

I've always been fascinated with words. As a Boricua and a descendant of peoples with a strong oral tradition, I suppose it was only natural that I fell into writing. My poetry is inspired by whatever strikes me, and my stories are all fantasy.

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