I wrote this piece after a long hiatus from writing. I don’t know about you, but my worst fear is losing my gift of writing. As if time could take away the gift I worked so hard to craft. I think many writers have this fear. The fear of losing their magic. Even more so, putting pen to paper and uncovering things deep down inside maybe they weren’t ready to release. 

XX, Ashley – Founder of Harness Magazine.

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And I miss the pen and paper in ways you couldn’t imagine

An ice has frozen over what once was thick and beating

I’ve built barricades

So tall

I can’t even let myself in

And I’ve avoided

The ink

For its truth would unthaw what I am not ready to face

The unknown

The breaking without mending

Darkness like I’ve never known it

But an inevitable rebirth

A rebirth I know not the consequences


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3 responses to “Barricades

  1. Hi, Ashley! This is a sobering poem. I want to thank you for sharing it with your readers! I think I can certainly relate to what’s beneath these words, but of course, I guess that’s a dangerous assumption to make 😉

    I especially am drawn to your analogy of parts of you freezing over the protect…something…and the “unthawing” process being a scary, “unknown” kind of thing. I named my own blog, Thawing Out, because it’s an image that helps put the abstract and complicated into something a little more concrete and sensual.
    I wish you courage in whatever it is you may face within someday. Courage and strength (of a vulnerable kind) to you, friend!

  2. Thank you I sometimes feel that way about my writing… Just coming to terms with pieces I want to write but I am not ready to face.
    Thank you for sharing your passion of writing.


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