Be In My Wild Wilderness

More than tremorous earthquakes
I desire
your desire
to traverse and trace the contours of my corporeal map
The dewy caverns of my mouth
The starry expanse of freckles upon my yoke
The waves of my tresses
The amber pools of my eyes
The mottled speckles of my skin
The crater of my navel
The braided river of my veins and
The dark forest opening to my cavernous inside.

Explore, intrepidly, darling.
With fingertips and tongue, and mostly, with your spirit.
Wander through my fields and forests and fens and alpine cliffs. Graph me. Draw me. Chart me. Scale me. Smell me. Feel me.
Swim in my lake.
Climb the ranges of my breasts and marvel at the precipices.
Go ahead, adventure in.
I welcome you into my meadows and my wilderness.

I will not be tamed, but you can rove and we can learn together what it feels like to be learned and to reveal the vulnerable secret places waiting to be touched and known, even if for a moment…because my landscape is eternally changing and moving and bending and burning and breaking and growing.






Author: Bri Crowley
Email: hello@bricrowley.com
Author Bio: Bri Crowley is a multifaceted, curious, quirky and resilient wellness guide. She’s an independent world traveler, designer and an idea gal. She loves the real stuff of life: dreaming big, spending time outside, cultivating love and abundance, creating space and putting energy into healing herself to heal the world. She’s intrigued and inspired by learning, relationships, experiences, balance, laughter, cultural intelligence, spirit, vulnerability and honesty. Bri’s passion is to support your discovery of what defines you and she aims to help guide you on a journey of discovery and adventure with tools and inspiration gleaned from years of own self-exploration. Her goal is to help you reveal the power and beauty you already possess. Continually seeking to learn and grow, her most valuable educational experience is the school of life.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @bri_crowley


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