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Being a preschool teacher and having to entertain seventeen 4 to 5 year olds every day can be exhausting. However, in the beginning and the end of each day, I remind myself how much of a difference I am actually making in the lives of these children. YOU are their first impression of being in school and away from their parents for a full day. YOU are the one teaching them at a young age that learning can be fun. YOU are the one holding their hand from the first day of school and teaching them how to be independent little individuals.

Since the beginning, I have received many hugs and thank you’s from parents telling me how much of an impact I have made on their kids in such a short amount of time.  In just a matter of my first 2 months of ever teaching, I have had a student bring me flowers.  I blushed as he brought them in and realized what was going on.  Who knew a 4 year old could make me blush?! I asked his mom if there was a reason, and she said no, he has just been asking to bring in flowers for you for the past 2 weeks.  When she asked him why, all he said was that he loved me and wanted to give me flowers.

I also made a connection with a parent who is in the same graduate program as I am, both of us realizing this during a field trip. Since, she has been nothing but a helpful guide for me, recommending what teachers to take for what class as well as recommendations for other teaching certifications I should look into to put onto my resume. She even offered to take my resume when I am finished to help me get my foot further in the door.  She told me that it was all that she could do because of how much I constantly look out for her daughter.

When one little girl had an accident at school, I received a thankful and grateful hug from an embarrassed mother the next day, and telling me that her daughter comes home talking about me every single day.

These are just a few little snippets of what happened to me in the first couple months of teaching preschool and ones that were brought to my attention.  The parents that did say something have done nothing but further motivate and encourage me.  They may be grateful for how much I help their children, but they will never realize how grateful I am for their children.

As a teacher, you have to be someone who will be there to listen, encourage, and create positivity for your students.  Their kids and my students do nothing but show me everyday why I am happy to have picked the career that I am in.  I am grateful for the little nuggets every single day.  You never realize how much of an impact that you can have on someone.  YOU have to be the change in the world in order to teach younger generations to make an even more positive impact.

And most importantly, as much as you may think you know more, don’t forget they have just as much to teach you as you do for them.


Author: Ali Antell
Email: alexandra.antell@gmail.com
Your Bio: Current Teachers Aide in a preschool classroom, graduate student, and caffeine addict.  I entertain myself with books, writing, and the occasional cocktail.



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