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Beautiful Design

Beautiful design
Fine like wine
When she feels down, her mind and her soul intertwine
Sometimes lonely she cries for a sign, waiting for her darkness to finally shine

Trying hard to define what they mean to her, they say they’re genuine, but that’s a lie
She tries to spread her love, but sometimes she crosses the line
They play with her mind, but she still knows she is extremely divine

Independent and genuine, she spreads the peace sign
She crosses her fingers and prays while she criesA hit from her bong, she is on cloud nine
Thinking about the times she did it on her own, she’s hurt, but she’ll be fine

Beautiful design
Fine like wine
She sits on lotus and feels the energy go down through her spine
She is not sure which mission she was assigned
But her love she still spreads throughout humankind
She tries, she tries hard, she fails many times, but she never loses her state of mind

by glorycastillo.v

My name is Glory Castillo. I have been writing poetry since a very young age. Being an only child, I needed to find a way to process pain alone. I believe poetry is a form of art, expression and therapy. It helps me cope and it also makes me happy when other people can relate to it. Being in the health care field, gives me a better understanding of how important it is to let your mind relax and your thoughts flow. Poetry is my therapy.


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