Beauty Is Inside

People say I’m beautiful

But how can you be beautiful when you’re covering yourself from the world?

Physically no, but inside, yes

They’re so quick and stupid to say that I’m beautiful

When I’m so young and haven’t finished polishing 1/4 of my character

People say I’m beautiful

But how can I be beautiful, when I physically have nothing that the society men want?

And when I’m 90 pounds too much but you never see it, because the clothes I wear cover well

Still, they call me beautiful

I guess they’re not looking only at my face

Maybe they’re looking through my eyes, and in my mouth and under my nails, and into my heart and maybe they’re listening to my words, and the wave of my hair, and the step of my walk

And so they call me beautiful


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by Miss Younas

Strive to change the world with your writing.

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