When Did We Become So Ungrateful? (The Power Of Gratitude)


That handbag.

This dress.

That trip.

This car.

We want for so much nowadays.

We have so much that we think we need to strive for. That Instagram account where she has all the designer shoes and handbags. That Facebook account with the traveller at many exotic locations. The endless adverts of beautiful homes and successful people. Not to mention all of the pictures of the “perfect” life or the “perfect” body.

Comparison and judgement has become our routine.

What happened to being grateful for what we have? Since when did we need so much more to be happy?

Don’t get me wrong, goals are important; focusing on the life you want to create is healthy. But, we really need to remember to stop and look at the now. If we keep our head down whilst on the journey we will forget to look up and appreciate everything, and everyone, that we already have.

Oh, and I have done it…… those thoughts of “look at what she has, it looks so amazing; I NEED that, it will make me happy.”  “I’ll spend a bit more money, get a bit more stuff, try to look like that, so that I can get him.” On and on and on it goes.

Then I looked up.

I am not 100% sure when it happened, but as I went on my own journey of opening my eyes to the world I realised how powerful gratitude is. Every morning on my drive to work I go a little bit slower and look around me and up to the sky. I give thanks that I even have a job to go to. That I am able to see the sky, the sun, the open fields, breathe the air, and hear the birds singing.

I try to remember; we are all individual and we don’t need to be in competition. And that Instagram account probably has some hard times behind it, but they won’t advertise that when they are portraying the “perfect” life.

Yeah, it’s hard sometimes when things are crap and you are feeling rubbish, but you can still practice being thankful, no matter what. And in time it will result in you seeing even more things to be grateful for, no matter how small. Practice really does make perfect.

So as I finish writing this I am going to get up off my sofa and make a cup of tea. And I am so grateful that I have……. hot water……. and a tea bag!

If you find yourself being stuck in the routine of comparison, try writing a list of what you are grateful for. You can start to do this every day. I have gotten into the habit of writing in my Gratitude journal every night.

Just remember, look around. Smile. Watch your positive mind set and the world around you flourish.


Author: Amy Jackson (Positive Polly)
Email: positive_polly@outlook.com
Author Bio: My name is Amy, nickname Polly. I have been told I am a walking contradiction. I am a qualified accountant and I pole dance for fitness. I love pink and sparkles but don’t mind getting my hands dirty. I am high energy, love laughing, and helping others. I have created Positive Polly to share my positive attitude and learning, through my own experiences and studying. I have a certificate in meditation and crystal healing. And I am now enrolled for life coaching and mindfulness. I am currently searching for a camper van ready for the summer. Join me on Instagram and share the love 🙂
Link to social media or website: https://www.instagram.com/_positive_polly_/



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