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Like most pre-college students, I had a summer job. When I started going to school full-time this past fall, while still working, I quickly became overwhelmed. The drive from school to work was long, in addition to having a seven to nine hour shift.

Most students are available for the federal work-study program. It’s part of your financial aid, and at my school we work 15 hours a week on campus.

While I may not get many hours, I love it for a completely different reason.

There’s no drive

I go to work right after class. I don’t have to waste the time or gas money on going somewhere else. Truthfully, I’m more worried about the time then gas money. We’re all busy as college students. As an athlete, sometimes I’m not even at home for two hours before I go to sleep.

They work around your schedule

During my interview (yes, there’s still an interview), I was asked what hours I would want to work. These hours were completely up to me and they fit my schedule. Also, if I have a big project one week, or am going away for a few days, they have no problem working with me. Traditionally, I make up the hours on other days of the week because I don’t want my paycheck to be lower, but you don’t have to.


This is probably the area that I benefited from the most. Over the course of the last six months, I’ve met dozens of people from professors, to administrators, to board members. These individuals are great tools not only for a reference and recommendation in the future, but also to help introduce you to more people. You never know who you may be talking to about a job in the next few years and networking is one of the most important things. After I am introduced to them, I traditionally head over to Linkedin that night (while I’m still fresh in their mind) and send a request. I’ve learned to always keep business cards on hand; it’s never to early to have them, with my face on them. As a marketer, my face is my brand.

Resume Boost

My job on campus is in my interest field. I’m graduating in 2020 with a major in Business: Marketing and am currently working in the graphics program. I do some basic graphic design work, but mostly work in the print shop. It looks great on my resume, and a lot of students take non-paid internships in this area while I am getting paid for it. You can never have to much experience.




Author: Kassidy Kreitz
Link to social media or website: Instagram @kassidykreitz



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