Being a black woman in the fashion industry

Being a black woman in the fashion industry is an interesting experience. From working in the industry, I’ve gotten a firsthand feel on how black women are treated. When it comes to working in the industry, we have to work 10 times harder then everyone else. Because people end up looking down on us, thinking we aren’t capable to do the same things.

In modeling, when it comes to photo shoots and fashion shows, a lot of times there isn’t people who do our makeup or hair because they don’t know how. So a lot of times, you will see us just going how we came or we end up having to do things ourselves.

In media, our ideas get shut down or end up getting stolen; and someone claims it as their own. It’s a frustrating experience because you work so hard just to do your job, just as everyone else does. And you end up getting overlooked and looked down on just because the color of our skin.

This is why, when it comes to running my fashion house, I want to give room for black women to thrive and let their creative side come out — without feeling hindered and without feeling like what they say doesn’t matter. And this method needs to be pushed more in the industry, so the future generation of black women can be seen and heard.

by Angelshadae

I’m the Founder of HERstory Movement & Angelic Fashion House. Poetry has been something I love to read and write ever since I started studying it in High School. Through poetry it helped me cope with my anxiety and it became a way to let everything out and to find a way to transform what I’m feeling into something beautiful. When I write I get lost in the writing and it consumes me in the best way ever and it brings me the most amazing joy ever. As the years have past I’ve decided to share my writings with the world and start pushing myself to create more for not just my enjoyment but for others enjoyment.


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