Between Love & Hate

Between love and hate
That pure, sensitive feeling I used to have inside.
Has day by day convert itself into a misery I can’t hide.
There’s not even a glimpse of what was.
Am I cursed to have suffered so much pain and agony?
Hearing your voice used to be so soothing.
It brought comfort and warmth to my heart.
You used to make me see that you will never let nothing and nobody hurt me.
The irony of the story is now I see the person that hurt me the deepest is you.
I lost my self confidence, my integrity and myself respect along the way.
So many days and nights I spent crying and asking, what did I do wrong
Why couldn’t I see this coming?
Your name gives me a sense of distress.
I can’t imagine myself with you.
The person I love the deepest has become the person I am learning to hate.
But it is still difficult to turn off the button completely,
My body and heart are drained out of any feelings and understanding.
I can honestly say now that I am not loved.
Wishing that you could see the love in me.
Only God knows how much I need love, trust, respect, understanding and acceptance.
You took so much from me and I asked for so little.
I should’ve had the courage to not let things go this far.
Believe it or not, I am not a quitter but in this case I need to see me first.

by VarlyneM

Art is my air and a way for me to feel happy. Poetry is my home away from home.

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