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Bitter Black Woman

Black women have always been
A muse
Being used and abused
To soothe
The men who had the nerve
To think we were here to serve
Since our curves
Were seen as hors d’oeuvres,
Auctioneers dragged by us the collar
So the white man could purchase us
For pennies on the dollar
Constantly placed on a pedestal
Only to be seen as a spectacle
And chosen one by one
By the white man’s testicles
Because the only genitals
That were exposed
Were the ones who chose… Slavery
I suppose you heard we made that choice…
To be stripped away from home
Only to hear the slave owner’s moans
In our ears
While we cry tears…
To see our men and children beat
While we have to keep
The big house tidy and neat
From rags and tatters and only being flattered
Because they wanted something in return
Now our dreams are shattered
Because Massa left us battered
And the only thing we gathered
Was our ability
To bear fruit, pick root, and see brutes
Beaten down
Because they didn’t want to sit down, get down, or lay down
Yet, you label me as the Bitter Black Woman
The news suggests, America’s at its best
“We’ve progressed,” they say
“It’s nothing like it was back in the day”
Then let’s fast forward to present day…
They reject that women are being objectified
Try and rectify the situation
By keeping the conversation paralyzed
And throw us mediocre reparations
Thinking that’ll compromise
For the crap they glorified
They subject women of color to a lower wage,
Keep our mentalities caged,
Say our mouths are always at constant rage,
And just for that, I will go on and on
Because I have no limit to this page
For this is the time Black Women
Voluntarily take center stage
But you only wanted me to sway my hips
And let you lust over my big lips,
While you unzip and reveal the tip of your—
I’m no longer being whipped
So you can zip
Your pants back up
And keep that corrupt world to yourself
But if I need to be lewd and crude
So you
Understand the several points
I’m trying to make,
Then it is time, I will take…
So to conclude,
Even if I wanted to apologize for being rude,
You prudes
Would still label me
As the Bitter Black Woman with the attitude
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by JGuillaume

With its humidity as a beautiful beast, I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. After losing my parents at a young age, I found solace in creative writing. At 18, I moved to Tallahassee to receive my BFA in Creative Writing and my minor in Film Studies from Florida State University. Three months after graduation, I moved to Los Angeles to attend New York Film Academy, where I received my MFA in Screenwriting - and I've loved this city ever since.

Jessica Guillaume

Screenwriter & Sometimes Poet
Creating content so dope,
Addiction is the only way to cope
Unapologetically BLAC
Breaking Limitations Associated w/ Color

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