Black in America

Being black in America

has become such a sin.

We want racism to end,

but how did it begin?

When they chained us together

and threw us on a ship.

Make one wrong move

and we got the whip.

White people were on top

while we were down below.

We had no rights

all thanks to Jim Crow.

They raped us,

and they beat us.

To the point where we died

and were left in the dust.

Even though we built this country,

they treat us like crap.

If they killed us today,

on the wrist they’d get a slap.

But, why?

They say “all lives matter,”

but that shit’s a lie.

If all lives matter,

why do black lives always die?

Truth is,

we need change.

We need to alter the way

the system is arranged.

If not for ourselves,

then for our kids.

We need to fix the melting pot

with more than a lid.


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by jmoody_write36

I'm an 18-year-old aspiring author; I mainly write fiction, short stories, and poetry.

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