Mental Wellness

Blooming In The Darkness

I am a broken being

Stabbed and scared by

Trauma all over

a bleeding beautiful soul

Covered in wounds

built by hatred

hurt by words

but that’s not all

I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders

My armor, my shield, and my swords are what protect me
From this life’s war

my heart rattles around in my chest

I can’t seem to find the missing pieces

at night insomnia knocks on my door

I hide beneath quilts and pillows

thinking they will protect me from the monsters in my room

but I keep forgetting that they too are in my head

I try to pay attention to all of life’s lessons

but it’s hard when you’re living with depression

darkness tries to swallow me whole

it corners me in the depths of my soul

and keeps me caged like an animal ready to bite

Everyday im searching for the explanation of life

Trying to find myself and what that means

It may seem like there is no hope

when you live in the dark

but darling I’ve found beauty in the night

despite the negativity sent by the devil

I’ve received positivity planted by seeds of love

Enabling me to bloom

despite the darkness that loomed

I found light in life

the beauty in land

Comfort in sound

But the best thing to find

Was a pen and paper

I found what I could define

And that was myself

A dreamer

A writer

An author

I am a rose

Pretty at sight

And shielded by thorns

I am a blooming human being

Who has found what she’s long searched for

For her every meaning

For her forever purpose

I am a poet

I will fight this darkness with the sharp end of my tongue
And cut throat the world with the truth of my words
I am made of a thousand glittering pieces
Some clothed in shining radiance,
others sharp as knives
I am the light in this world’s darkness

by Mayalove1012

Hello! My Name is Maya. I live in the city of Chicago and my favorite things to do are listen to music, read, and write poetry. I play softball and I love to take long walks with my dog in the park. I am currently in college studying to become a Journalist. I love adventures and traveling, learning about different cultures, and seeing new places. I am also a big fan of art. I don't paint or draw but I love to look at new or old art pieces. My favorite place to go is the Chicago Art Institute.

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