Break Free

Whose heart is that? 

I think I know. 

The owner is quite angry though. 

Her hazel eyes are dark as night. 

But still they hold a pinch of light 


Inside her spirit is broken. 

But the pain will not be spoken. 

Tormented with nightmares, she never sleeps. 

The demon that got her continues to creep. 


One day she will awaken. 

Her soul refuses to be taken. 

She will fight as long as her lungs hold breath. 

She will conquer the villain before her death. 


Her strength for now is weak. 

But soon will reach its peak. 

It takes time to rise from the grave. 

She’ll soon show the savage what it means to be brave.


Author: Nikki McPeak
Email: Nikkim1984@hotmail.com
Link to social media: Instagram @nikjmc


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One response to “Break Free

  1. I would like to get a copy of the poem Break Free by Nikki McPeak. She is my daughter and I am very proud of her. Please let me know how I can get this Thank you.

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