Breakfast Is Served!

You ready to eat? That was the question he asked after making love, sealed with the sweetest forehead kiss. My response to that was simply, UH YES! Now, let me preface this by saying that Chris was a very domesticated man. Hardworking and blue collar, but very domesticated nonetheless and I loved that about him. Although he didn’t cook regularly, he was great in the kitchen. So, this was definitely a treat and I don’t know about you but watching a man whip something up in the kitchen is so sexy to me.

Chris and I headed to the kitchen so he could get the pots rolling and he proceeded to ask, “Babe, what would you like to eat?” and just like a kid in a toy store eager to say I want this, this, and that…pancakes, bacon, and eggs rolled right off my tongue. Now let me be clear, I’ve observed Chris while cooking for me on numerous occasions and what I gathered is that he’s very technical and precise. He read directions, used measuring cups, the whole nine. Whereas, I’m the exact opposite.  I don’t need any of that stuff. My point is that I knew from experience that this was going to take a while. The thing is, guys, I was extremely hungry, and I swore if he added any more milk or flour to that batter, I was going to scream. Seriously, how long should it take to whisk pancake batter? There weren’t any more lumps, so why in the hell was he still whisking? I just sat there and told myself to smile and be cute but the hangriness inside of me wanted to throw something at him. Instead, I threw in a compliment or two to make him feel good but in my head I had enough with the preparation already.

Seriously, let’s get to cooking!

So, Chris finally got in the groove and the bacon is done. One pancake down, then two. Time, however, wasn’t moving as fast as I would have liked. And there I was still just sitting there, staring at my pancakes and bacon, drooling in my head! Chris then looks at me and says, “Babe, how you want your eggs?” Thing is, he knew how I liked my damn eggs. He just wanted to hear me say it. So, I played along and the Geechee girl in me said “I want 2 eggs please but I’ne (pronounced like iron but without the R) want but 1 yolk…fried hard, thank you!” He laughed as usual and I smiled while thinking, why on earth must we go through this every time? Anyway, we’re almost done. He’s plated my food and I must say that the presentation looked pretty good. He poured me a glass of orange juice with ice and voila, it’s time to eat!

Breakfast was served. I had my cold bacon, warm pancakes and hot eggs in front of me. See, Chris wasn’t hungry at all. He just wanted to make sure that I was satisfied, and I appreciated him for that. One complaint would have ruined that whole moment. So, I decided not to nag him about taking forever. Trust me, I wanted to but why would I? My belly was full, I felt like a queen, and Chris thought he did the damn thing. Nothing left to do now but thank him and seal it with the sweetest kiss.

by tray0905

I am a native of Charleston, SC who loves the art of storytelling and conversational writing. I write about all things love and life. My ability to write in a conversational style will have you thinking I’m speaking directly to you! My writings will take you on a journey and you’ll feel like I’m your best-friend, sister, cousin, mother and/or auntie all wrapped in one.

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