Breaking Up is An Opportunity to Reclaim Your Life (Here’s Why)

It’s been a few weeks since the day your heart sunk to your stomach, or maybe it’s the final breakup to your exhausting on-and-off relationship; either way, you’re ready for the acceptance stage. One of the things they don’t tell you about breakups is that there are things about yourself that remind you of your ex, like the orange specks that glimmer in your green eyes that he once noticed. I’m not saying you should go buy some blue eye contacts, but I am saying now’s the perfect time to redefine yourself and really go for what you want. Often times, in relationships, we tell ourselves that we are incomplete without that special person, but maybe we’re just feeling empty because we haven’t unleashed the best version of ourselves yet. Here are some of the things I’ve tried in my journey of being a newly single.

The Solo Road Trip

Taking a trip as a single girl is one of the best remedies for a breakup. When a lot of women picture a post breakup trip, they think of getting hammered with their gal pals in Mexico. While that does sound like fun, the kind of trip that will heal a bleeding wound is going to be zen and in solitude. This trip needs to be about finding yourself and embracing your newfound independence. When my ex left our relationship the day before my graduation, I felt lost and confused as to what that meant for my future. Taking a trip to the quaint beaches of St. Simons Island really helped me recollect my hopes. I would take zenful walks alongside the coast in the mornings and tan on the beach in the afternoon. I even reconnected with my cousin that lived there. Leaving this trip, I felt as though I had gained an appreciation for being alone. Taking a solo trip was a bandaid for my soul. After leaving the island, my cousin and I road-tripped through a multitude of scenic states together. Traveling by myself (and someone other than my parents) made me realize how much I love road trips!

Have a Goddess Party

This one is a little “hippie-dippie,” but having a goddess party surrounds you with the people that stood by your side whether you were single or taken. Besides, why not turn something sad into a celebration. A goddess party doesn’t have to be dressing in all white and spending hundreds of dollars on organic catering. The only requirement is gathering positive people that lift you up and remind you of who you truly are. If you are into the zen movement of a goddess party like I am, some fun activities to include are writing down intentions and mantras on a notecard, hiking, having a family-style dinner or trying your hand at some upbeat yoga. Another fun idea is creating self-care goodie bags for your guests. You can throw in items like crystals, essential oils and a face mask.

A ‘Get Over Him’ Playlist

This playlist doesn’t need to be sad songs about loss and grieving. This playlist needs to empower you and be full of songs about women moving on and loving themselves. So, take the liberty to create a playlist of upbeat jams that get you in the mood for world domination…or something to that extent.

Breaking up is the perfect time to change your life. Change happens in many ways. There isn’t a textbook way to reclaim your life. Maybe, for you, it’s chopping off your hair (don’t make the same mistake I did), redecorating your room or following your dreams. Either way, you’ve got this. Go out there and shine as your best self!

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by juliagigis

Julia Gigis is currently a sophomore at the University of Montevallo where she studies journalism. She also runs the Her Campus Chapter at Montevallo as the Campus Correspondent. In her free time, Julia enjoys working out, trying new brunch spots, and making Youtube videos.

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