Breathe In

Breathe in

Love, happiness, peace

Breathe out

Anger, doubt, fear

Easier said than done

Why do I let my Breaths out control me

Instead of releasing the negative I let them make a home

I let them sit and dwell

Digging deeper and burrowing down

Confusing my mind

Taking the good and corroding it to something stained

Making me feel helpless and dark

But still I breathe in

I do it even in the darkness

Even when I feel my breath is being stollen by the doubt that reaches up to suffocate me

I push through the fear and I breathe in

I let the doubt take a back seat

I see it there watching me, waiting for a chance to take control

Still I breathe in

I will breathe in until those things I breathe in  become reality

Until my breaths in are so powerful they cause my fear and doubt to hide

I breathe in for I know my worth

I know my truth

I will never settle or live in darkness

I breathe in

by Cassy Steenhard

Washington Native. I am an adventurer trapped in a broken shell. I love deep and loud. My pain and happiness comes out on paper. Enjoy.

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