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I lay my back against the grass Breathing in the moon I draw its silver light into the aching parts of me 

Are wounds really where the light enters, dear Rumi? 

I hope so Because beneath the midnight sky I am searching my soul for the therapy of words and shooting stars And I inhale deep and desperate breaths of moonlight 

…starlight, candlelight 

Hoping that they will mend my wild inner soul light 



Author note: This piece came about through my process of healing in the midst of miscarriage and fertility challenges



Author: Jodi Sky Rogers
Author Bio: Jodi Sky Rogers is a Feminine Healing Coach and Author. Her personal experience with PCOS and Fertility challenges over the past six years inspires her to support women going through similar experiences. She is passionate about creating soulful fertility, mindfulness and TTC self-care resources and tools to support women on their fertility journey. She is the author of Flowering Within and Wild Essence.
Link to social media and website: | Instagram @thefertilemoon

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