Bridal Fashion Week Diaries

While you may have seen the excitement of Bridal Fashion Week through Harness Magazine’s social media, there’s a lot of non-glamorous moments behind the scenes. While the who’s who of fashion may receive the VIP treatment, most fashion week attendees are one among the crowd. We walk for miles rushing from show to show, stand for hours in heels and squeeze into tiny standing areas just for a glimpse of the gowns on the runway. From the outside, fashion week seems to be only glitz and glamour, but what remains untold is the hard work and long days that go into it all.

Truthfully, here’s how my time at Bridal Fashion Week went:  


3:15 a.m.: I wake up to find my phone charger that’s been hanging on by a thread finally died. I run to the 24-hour Walgreens down the street, still wearing my pajamas, to buy a new charger. Not an ideal situation the night before I’m supposed to do social media coverage of the shows. I put my portable charger in my bag before I hop back in bed, knowing I’ll need it tomorrow.

9:30 a.m.: Waiting outside the Rime Arodaky show I bump into a friend who works in the bridal industry. She introduces me to her boss, who was a regular on “Say Yes to the Dress.” I internally fangirl and text my mom to ask if this counts as a celebrity sighting. She confirms.  

10 a.m.: The Rime Arodaky show is magical. Ballerinas dance down the runway between the ballgowns. The models sport wet hair that gives off an I just left dance class look while still being chic. I stand behind the back row and lean frantically over the woman in front of my trying to take unobstructed photos.  

11:47 a.m.: I have time to kill between shows, so I head to the famous Chip NYC for a pick me up. I am revived by a giant cup of coffee and a chocolate chip cookie that I shamelessly Instagram.

1 p.m.: The next show on my schedule is Inbal Dror. I accidentally take the wrong elevator and pop out backstage. Startled, I’m quickly escorted out as I try to sneak a few backstage pictures. The show is filled with beachy gowns topped with oversized pearl headbands and tiaras perfect for a destination wedding.  

3:24 p.m.: I get a standing ticket for the Gracy Accad show so I’m squished in a pack of bridal buyers, bloggers and press standing in the back of the venue. The show is running late so I stand for 45 minutes before it starts. I check my step tracker and realize I’ve walked almost 7 miles today. No wonder my feet hurt. 

7 p.m.: I’m done with shows for the day and completely exhausted. I spend the rest of the evening writing notes and finalizing my schedule for the rest of the weekend while catching up on This Is Us.  



9 a.m.: Bridal Fashion Week, unfortunately, falls on the same week as two big midterms. I head to class and grudgingly take my exams for the next few hours.

6:55 p.m.: Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta in “The Hunger Games,” sits across from me on the subway on the way to my first event. We make eye contact for a second and my heart skips a beat. I become so distracted I miss my stop without even realizing. I end up getting off at the same stop as him and following him for a few blocks until I lose him on the busy street.

7:22 p.m.: I’m now late for the Ines di Santo x Baccarat party (worth it), but when I arrive it’s incredible. Four elegantly dressed models sit perched in the store windows sipping champagne and waving at passers-by. There’s endless champagne and a DJ dressed in a ballgown. For a few hours, I feel incredibly glamorous.

10 p.m.: I arrive home feeling like Cinderella after the ball. I spend the night with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and a rom-com.  



9 a.m.: My first show of the day is a presentation from Chantal Romano, where each dress is inspired by a Disney princess. I spend the next hour playing Guess That Princess while nursing my hangover with a coffee

11 a.m.: I arrive at my favorite show of the week, Galia Lahav. The setup is a white room with two backdrops in opposite corners. Each model spends about five minutes twirling and posing before she’s whisked away and replaced by the next. I don’t know what’s better: the gowns or the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Hudson River. They serve the most incredible mini quiches that have me glued to the appetizer table.

11:45 a.m.: I realize I stayed too long at the Galia Lahav show and have 15 minutes to make it to the show that’s 30 minutes away. I forget that it’s also Comic Con two blocks up and I’m suddenly in the middle of cosplayers and superhero costumes. The avenue I need to take is closed so I have to make a huge detour. Nervous I’m going to miss the show, I break out into a full run. Multiple Spidermen give me strange looks as I sprint down the packed streets in my leopard print dress and heels.

12:15 p.m.: I arrive out of breath at the Julie Vino show to find it is actually running late. I chug my complimentary glass of champagne and schlump into my seat as I realize I ran for no reason. The show’s bohemian gowns and dreamy floral headpieces lift my spirits.

6:00 p.m.: I find my seat at the Jenny Yoo show. They show velvet bridesmaids dresses and lacy gowns I see every millennial bride wanting. After three days of nonstop bridal, my head is a jumble of tulle, beading and open back dresses. My brain switches into full wedding mode.

7:35 p.m.: I end Bridal Fashion Week how I wish I could end every week: cocktail party hopping. The Sarah Seven cocktail party is first on the list. The whole room is filled with floor to ceiling gold streamers. There’s a live band, champagne and endless pizza. It’s so beautiful I forget the quarter-sized blister that just made an appearance on my left foot.

8:15 p.m.: I make it to the end of the Sarah Nouri cocktail party. It’s in the penthouse suite of The London and the view is incredible. I eat countless bite-sized desserts and sip rosé from a mini wine bottle. For a few moments, I bask in how glamorous fashion can be.



Author: Sarah Maberry 
Email: maberrysarah@gmail.com 
Link to social media: Instagram @sarahmaberry


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