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This is her story.
This is my story.
This is many girls’ story.
A rising anxiety.
A devastating envy.
A awful jealousy.
A low self esteem.
Why her?
Not me?
Is she better than me?
All you want is that love in his eyes.
That acknowledgement from the crowd.
Distorted body in a broken mirror.
You search and search.
What is wrong with me?
Mum says you are beautiful, you deserve the world.
Dad says to follow your heart.
Sister say to be wise.
What does your soul say?
Be happy.

I want to be happy.

Break the mirror for good.

Take a stand.

Love yourself.

Why do men love other women?

Because they love themselves.

Why does your family loves you?

Because you love you. And it is only you.

You, you, you.

You thought those words, big forehead, hippopotamus, too nice, too dumb you heard as a teenager would never scar you. But they did and it is time to erase them at 31.

Love yourself, that is the only gift you can give to yourself.

Happiness comes from within and shine without…

Without a fault.

Love yourself.

For my mum, for women, for the world, for myself.
Author: Gassy
Author Bio: My mum suffered from bulimia in her younger days. She moved away from it, and she grew to another disease of the mind, a devastating anxiety, and we, her girls, also suffer from it. This was inspired from her, from me, from all women suffering from it.
Their story, my story, our stories.
Love yourself.

In aparte, couple of weeks ago I started working as a journalist/reporter called Guestlist and it sounds all promising!
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