Burdens of the Fearful

I hear the little boy crying as he stands upon his father’s grave,
I hear the girl screaming for help but no one comes to her aid,
I hear the quiet whispers of the youth scared behind their closet doors,
I hear the people pleading, pleading for equality,
And after all this, you sit and stare, saddened, and then walk away.

Hungry animals are we, ravening through the streets,
Killing the innocent, so the guilty can run free,
Because we are too worried about pointing fingers claiming, ‘it wasn’t me”
And all we want is for this to end but we don’t really listen,
it’s just pretend.

If we just took a moment or two or three
To talk about it, openly, uncomfortably, without the burden of fear,
To rise above the conformity of hate,
There is more good than bad in this world,
But we have the difficult task of learning to tolerate instead of discriminate.

WE have the power.
Don’t let other’s ethnocentric values build the dystopian future we have begun to paint so well.
Or don’t worry, it’ll all just work itself out, right?
I mean the issues don’t really effect you personally so just wait for the storm to pass.
Sit there in the comforts of your bubble waiting,
watching your reflection turn into someone afraid and hating.

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by alexhooker

I'm originally from Maryland now working as a Post Producer in Los Angeles.
Writing has always been a passion of mine and something I've always done for myself and recently I've gotten into sharing it. Along with writing my passions include traveling, backpacking, and spending time with my friends.

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