he hated that She was destined to be a
Butterfly –
ever-changing, ever new…
called Her inconsistent
yet chased Her when
She grew wings
& flew.

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by CiaraRayshall

I've been writing since I could talk. From song lyrics that never made any sense @ 5-years-old, to first love break-up poems on my voicemail greeting in Jr. High just to delete it before my mom called in. Writing has always been my best thing when it came to releasing the mysteries or frustrations that live inside of me. I've written it all yet hid behind the words, never fully embracing my writing as a legit path I could own. Now newly 30; I can't hold back any longer. I'm bursting through the seams of each page, spilling over in iPhone notes and researching every outlet to produce these words...for the world to see. So here it goes, I am Ciara Rayshall; writer, poet, author.


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