Cabrillo Highway

it was one of those summers you bookmark.

a sliver of time you find your way back into every now and again.

it was a fleeting summer. a forever summer. a contradiction of time.

it was a summer i fumbled and shattered the facade of a beautiful cup. a cup filled with empty promises and fragile hopes weakened by the steady truth that beat over time.

it was one of those summers you bookmark.

filled with scents of palo santo and the heavy aroma of forest fires. filled with dancing hippies in parks and turquoise waters in high mountains.

filled with eternal fog that enveloped me and cool dew that perpetually rested on my skin.

filled with colorful queen annes and rousseau storybrook homes.

and the coast. the cost, rugged. the coast, welcoming. an enigma i longed to sneak away into.

it was one of those summers you bookmark.

because it was but a beautiful seedling, this summer. a little one buried deep within the blackened soil of a tired heart. yet, steadily this little one grew through Time and Space.

it was one of those summers you bookmark.

because it is on days like this you return to it through photo albums and scattered journal entries. you return to it as you feel the expansion of that sweet seedling move within you. you return to it because it was the genesis of a kaleidoscopic, unfurling wave of something profoundly simple.


by tfahnlander

Hi there! I'm Taylor. Iowa raised, Colorado living—my life experiences have led me to write about life experiences that help me to unearth joy within and untangle some of the complexities we all face. I write to discover pathways to healing, joy, and greater self-knowledge. And I hope my words carry the ability to uproot lies and diminish fears within me—within you. Most of all, I hope they plant love and peace, even if just for a moment.


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