Call Off Your Search

Come home. And call
Off your
search from a place of longing.
Empty girl, you’re seeping holy water of your wellspring
When it should flow in. Inward toward you
To fill the still, cool
that resides
deep inside.
It must be full to sink your body into
To wash off the    t  r  e  m  b  l  e
Of fear and
You know the feeling
And you know the way.
The familiar path that bare feet tread
to voices receding in wild wood, endless left and right
Look ahead.
Quit your search, quit your draining of soul onto
Everything and everyone else,
and call the water flow back home, follow it’s stream
And come back
to your wellspring.





poetry by Rachael Yahne
photo by Dziana Hasanbekava

by Rachaelyahne

I'm a writer, award-winning blogger, essayist, and speaker. My work has been featured online and in print internationally including Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, The Seattle Times, The Huffington Post, two books, and my own various sites and projects. At age 17, I fought stage 4B Lymphoma cancer, the experience of which continues to shape both the way I live and the way I write. My work is part personal story, part skepticism, always respectful of the grit it takes to be an authentic human being, woman, and creative. I've also worked as a fashion journalist, won 2012 Fashion Blog of the Year Award in Seattle, spent a few years as a fashion PR gal, and served a year in Americorp.


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