Caught me by surprise during the sunrise of spring

Unsure about my response and what issues I would bring

You, you risked it now the ball was in my court so I picked it

Impressed by your musical taste, your sense of style & grace you had me at the 4th try

Intrigued by my avi but you only saw me w your eyes

Unraveling the start of something new maybe I liked your charm and you called me baby, baby

Made it clear that this was only a fling and not a thing that a relationship would bring

We agreed

In later times we would FaceTime about everything under the sun, it didn’t shock me when you started to feel like I was the one

Life came at you fast with me

You contemplated my thoughts about cognitive theories and my blasphemy

I captured you before you could even capture me

In all honesty I thought that you was bad for me

A little malicious, quite fictitious

In later times you went on vacation

Stayed in calling me about how ya day went

Until you came back home and stationed

You was stuck and tried to jeopardize our relations

What was understood didn’t need to be explained, whatever you did it is what it is and I wasn’t the one to blame

In earlier times you platonically feared away from being platonic, in present times that’s what you felt this was

You couldn’t express those feelings but who am I to judge

You faulted me for being me but my personality was too pure for thee

Told me you never did these things w anyone but me

I never felt how you felt but I understood that things change

However you can’t blame me for being consistent & staying the same

How am I in the wrong ?

How did I get the short hand of the stick ?

Well maybe cause you kept comparing me to that …

But maybe that’s why you were stuck

I reminded you of her and the remnants are the thoughts you thought would occur

Genuinely speaking you never got over her probably the reason why I had to suffer

All the assumptions and related circumstances pushed me away because if you told me how you felt beforehand & I stayed why would I not continue to stay ?

You couldn’t take that, worried you couldn’t understand how I wanted to be in the realms of your filth but that’s cause I had your heart on tilt

Incapable of letting things be, you cut it off wugh me

Only knowing you for incremental months I knew you you aren’t a care free kind of person you just didn’t have it in you

And you knew

I think you was just stuck

Cause In earlier times you doubted that these feelings would abrupt

Now I’m being penalized for not feeling feelings I had no business feeling

For being kind hearted and down to earth

You know you would be well rounded

if you left me in the cave I was found in

You managed to leave upon reasons I had no control over so I moved forward

But In present times I’m asking …

Can we start over ?


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by Gail1216

20 year old Lehman College senior, obtaining a degree in the psychology department accompanied by a minor in Woman Studies. With the thirst for creating and editing pieces of literature. I have created everything from bibliographies, missed connections to memoirs. Whether to get a grade, for my own comfort or to simply get things off of my chest, spirit & mind.

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