Cannabis Insights: A Look at Cannabinoids and Sleep

After several types of research studies to understand medical marijuana and CBD from hemp, it is not yet clear exactly how CBD works or how to determine its potency. Fortunately, the progress made is quite impressive. Studies with human subjects have shown positive results when CBD is tested against various problems like pain, seizures, cancer and sleep among others.

For today, let us look at the relationship between cannabis and sleep cycle disorders. A couple of health institutions have been looking at this in detail in an attempt to answer many questions raised on the issue. Although they claim to have found that cannabis helps people to treat sleep disorders, they also agree that they are far from determining the actual dose or whether or not there are negative side effects.

More About Cannabis and Cannabidiol

CBD is the abbreviation given to cannabidiol, which is a product of cannabis. The two main plants that produce CBD in the world are marijuana and hemp. People should not be confused and think that using marijuana for leisure purposes has the same effect as using CBD. The difference is in the content of THC, which is a psychoactive compound that makes people high. In CBD, the THC content is minimal or nonexistent so that the product will never make any user feel high.

CBD for Sleep

Some years back, studies were conducted on people with SBD (sleep behavior disorder), and the results turned out to be positive. All the subjects recorded an improvement in their sleep cycles and also claimed that they had deeper sleep that was more satisfying. More research has been conducted today, and the same results are being confirmed. For these reasons, people have been buying Berkshire cbd flower to use in various ways to improve their sleep.

But how does this work? The research argues that insomnia, lack of sleep and SBD are caused by other factors like pain, stress, anxiety and the presence of chronic illnesses. But the good thing is that CBD and medical marijuana have been found to relieve all these conditions. And this is what makes CBD very effective for managing sleep-related illnesses. However, it is highly advised that this is not the ultimate solution as further treatment should be sought.

CBD Products to Improve Sleep

The first and most popular product is CBD oil. If you visit any health shop out there, this oil is sold in a small bottle with a dropper. When used correctly, it is very effective. The oil has components that are directly absorbed into the body to improve sleep when taken before sleeping.

The other common products are tinctures and wax. They are the most concentrated because nothing else is added apart from the extract. When tinctures are left to dry in a cool place, they form CBD wax, which is thick and sticky.

CBD can be included in cosmetic products and used on the skin to promote healthy sleeping habits. The compound is directly absorbed into the cells, and it will be effective after a short time.


We can all agree that CBD is a potent compound from the cannabis family. It is very effective when it comes to mitigating sleep disorders. Researchers are still working day and night to discover conclusive answers.


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