care less

Care Less


Care less.

You need to care less about others perceptions and more about your own.

You need to stretch out in your skin and feel the magic that is you.

There is no time to worry about others preconceived notions of who you are.

There is no time to worry about what others may think.


You need to be you.



There is no one else quite like you.

Wear what you want to wear.

Sing out loud in public.

Hold hands with the person you love.. unafraid.


My biggest regret was fitting in all those years.

Trying to be understood all the while being misunderstood.


I take risks because they feel good.

If I fall face first and hit the ground –

Then I’ve hit rock bottom,

and there is nowhere to go but up.


Not everyone will like you.

Not everyone will love you.

Not everyone will be able to stand you.

But at least it’s you – not a fraction of who you are.

Not the you – you show to the world,

But you – all of you.

It’s the dark and the light parts of you.

So if they don’t like you…

Then refer back to paragraph one.

There is no time to worry about what others may think.


Once you stop caring

It is incredibly liberating

Better than any drug

You just want to dance on the roof tops

Scream out loud


Arms wide open spinning in circles – free – free – free.


So I can’t stress this enough

Care less

Care less about what others may think

Care less about how it may look

Care less about what others are doing

Care less

And by caring less

You’ll care far more about yourself.




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