Cats Are Trash Human Beings, But Here Are Three Cat Icons That Are The Feminists To Admire

During quarantine while observing my two cats Gin Whisky and Bourbon for months, I came to the conclusion that cats are trash human beings. I was working remotely and either began losing my mind or actually realizing some philosophical lessons through my cats’ hissing and self grooming. Yes, cats technically could never be human, but that’s not the point. It’s the ‘Big Pussy Energy’ they give off so naturally that makes them so different from humans. These unapologetic, demanding hedonists have the type of confidence where they face off creatures twice their size. That’s impressive. 

So like any other millennial in the western world, I decided to write a quirky adult picture pop up book sharing the lessons I’ve learned from my cocktail cats about feminism. Currently, I’m crowdfunding for my book “Cats Are Trash Human Beings: What I Learned About Feminism Through My Cats”. So, definitely take a moment to pre-order your copy by February 13th (what a lovely V-Day gift). This book is great for everyone, especially those allergic to cats and/or feminists. Click HERE to get your copy today!

Each part of the book highlights a significant component of women’s rights, showcasing its evolution through analogies of pussy cats, but in the meantime here are some unappreciated feminist icons and what they can teach us about being badass pussy warriors. 

Bastet – The Warrior

Bastet is the goddess of secrets, protection, fertility, childbirth, pleasure and of course cats. She is known for her superiority on the battlefield and strategic talents to resolve problems. She can be seen as a nurturer with her litter or a lioness ready to chop your head off. The complexity of her nature showcases the layers and identities many women have today. We are mothers, but seductresses, leaders but cooperative, creative but calculated. We fight only when necessary, but our first instinct is to resolve our issues strategically in order to keep what we love safe. We’re the  goddesses of our own little worlds, but that does not mean we won’t put the paws on you if you try us. 

Catwoman – The Seductress

Catwoman is the feline contender that easily goes head to head with Batman. We have seen multiple versions of this character, from Eartha Kitt, Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry’s rendition and the newest lady of the night Zoë Kravitz. All of these catty versions exude sexual empowerment, confidence and a no nonsense attitude. The imagery of Catwoman embraces the unapologetic approach of sexual acceptances as a woman with no shame of expressing her sex appeal not to gain attention from men, but for her own pleasure. 

Hello Kitty –   The Dominator 

Kitty White aka Hello Kitty would squash Jeff Bezos with her cuteness alone. This British kitty that came out of Japan is a global icon that dominates consumerism, period! She is the ‘Queen C’ of any product she sells. She’s on our makeup, cars, television screens and buildings on occasion. Of course the character itself is not the mogul, but the branding that is Hello Kitty shows that femininity without sexualizing can sell and demand an audience. An audience with spending power. Many forget the economic significants half of the world population has, it’s time they get reminded.

Bastet is an Egyptian goddess, Catwoman is a ‘shero’ or villain depending on her mood and Hello Kitty is whatever the hell she wants to be. A part of our herstory with triumphs, failures, truth and imagination. These feline queens may be underestimated by the average person, seen as silly figures of mythology or entertainment, but their symbolism brings light of the courage and boldness we can all possess. 

Again check out the campaign for my book “Cats Are Trash Human Beings”  on Publishizer and pre-order your copy by February 13th!

by Majella.Mark

Majella is a researcher, writer, artist and co-creator of "Met God, She's Black". She has conducted numerous workshops including "The Wakanda Workshop" to address racial inequalities using Marvel's "Black Panther's" film as a reference point and the Judy Chicago's inspired art piece for the workshop, "Pussy Plate Painting Party" to address gender inequalities and the objectification of the female body. She is also a writer and artist, involved with many organizations including Womanly, New Women's Space, Support Creativity, the United Nations Association, Black Women's BluePrint among others.

Currently crowdfunding for her book "Cats Are Trash Human Beings: What I Learned About Feminism Through My Cats" https://publishizer.com/cats-are-trash-human-beings/


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