I’ve always been afraid of change

because my life has changed someone else’s life.

So why should I want it?

I’ve always thought that changes are terrible

because every change brings a consequence.

So again

and again,

why should I want it?

Change is a superhero power.

And I don’t want it,

I’m little. I’m a kid.


I grew up.


I learned that

change comes from modifying,

to become different,

and so on,

all that needs to be


let something

or someone

take a new turn

take another way.

Change is a sign that things will not be the same

not for now

not anymore.

Oh, this uncomfortable feeling of change.

Following me,

surrounding me.


one way or another,

I’ve changed a couple of things.

I changed my phone number,

I change my zip code,

I changed my routine,

I changed my mind,

and suddenly

I totally changed

my life.


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by larissaxlima

I like to write first-person essays about myself and my life while being an observer and a participant at the same time. Also whenever possible, I mention Astrology in my stories—I’m really into esoteric stuff. For me, creativity and spirituality are inherently connected.


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