Changing with the seasons

Changing with the Seasons

Change is inevitable
Yet we often resist it.

Change is necessary
Yet we often mistreat it.

Change allows us to experience to grow
And to create new memories.

Yet, we often overlook it.

Change is the sought-after secret to every season
Yet we often mishear it.

Therefore, I say, it’s time to make a change.

Along with these warm Summer nights transitioning into
Crisp Fall mornings…

I too am transitioning into the best version of me
By taking a chance, stepping out of the depth of the ocean and
Onto solid ground covered in fallen leaves.

All with a change, that begins within me.

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by yasminvsqz

Yasmin is a writer, brand strategist, and founder of Golden Light Startup. Her mission is to empower creatives to overcome self-limiting beliefs and learn business strategies to finally take the leap and monetize their passion.

To learn more about mindset, business, and creativity visit: GoldenLightStartup.com


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