world unknown

Chapter One – World Unknown (Continued)

Author note: This is the last tidbit I am going to release of the book I’m writing. I hope you’ve enjoyed Adelaide’s journey thus far. If you’ve missed the first few pages, search “Chapter One – World Unknown” on Harness Magazine or click ALD at the bottom of the page and it will take you to my writing. Adelaide’s journey is just beginning and I can’t wait to see where she ends up. 


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“I don’t believe we’ve had a formal introduction.  I am Finn, your grandmother’s protector.” Protector? What in the world does that mean? My head started to buzz.

“Hello, I’m Adelaide.” I started to move forward to shake his hand. As his palm touched mine, I felt a sudden surge of electricity and I was flooded with a thousand images at once. I could see Finn searching city after city. I could feel his despair. I saw the revelation in his eyes when he found a mirror similar to the one in Uriel’s room of mirrors. I saw him place his hand to the glass. I pulled back violently.

“She has the gift of sight, Uriel,” he stated in amazement. Uriel stood there staring at me in dismay.

“She doesn’t know anything of this world, Finn; her mother barely knew.”

“What world? What are you talking about? What just happened?” My head started to spin. I felt as though I was about to lose consciousness.

I woke up on the couch, my head on Uriel’s lap with a cold rag pressed to it. Uriel let out a sigh of relief. “There’s so much to explain, Addy. Not all is as it seems.” Finn sat there quietly as she tried to explain to me the best she could. “Have you ever felt like there was something more? Like there was a part of you that was different? You couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but deep down there was a longing? A longing for magic, for a world not quite like this one?”. I thought long and hard about her question. She was right. I had always felt different. It was there ever since I could remember. The feeling of knowing myself, but not knowing all of myself- knowing my surroundings, but not knowing all of my surroundings. Rationally, it seemed impossible for a world separate from this one to exist, but there had always been a dull ache in my heart telling me there was something more, an ache that left me searching for something I couldn’t quite put into words. I stared at her for what seemed like forever and for lack of better words, I simply nodded.

I don’t know how long I’d been asleep for, but Uriel and Finn must have discussed in great length why he was here, and whatever they discussed must not have been good. Finn’s foot was nervously tapping the ground as Uriel took a long pause before explaining any further.

“You see, Addy, we have magic running through our veins, and not just any magic. We are part of the Angelus lineage, which is one of the oldest bloodlines in the world,” she said calmly. “Which means your intuition was right. There is something beyond the veil, but more importantly there is something more inside of you too.”

Finn started to shift back and forth in his chair and the tapping grew louder. You could tell he was becoming more and more irritated by the second. “We don’t have time for all this baby talk, Uriel,” he blurted out. “Adelaide, there is an up-rising and you both must come with me immediately.”

“Finn, we don’t have to do anything,” Uriel announced. “I promised I would never go back, times have changed. It’s too dangerous for our kind and I am not putting Addy in harm’s way.”

Finn got up from his chair and started pacing. I turned to look at Uriel, who remained seated and statute like, un-phased by Finn’s aggravation. “Adelaide, people will die if you don’t come with us. Your grandmother can choose not to come back, but she cannot choose that for you,” he said. “Please help me.”

I was standing at a crossroads. Remaining here would be easy. I would enter high school and Uriel would pretend like this never happened. If I went, I could die or even worse I could lose Uriel. The tingling sensation in my chest was back again. I knew what I had to do. “I am going with Finn, grandma.”

“I knew you were going to say that,” as she exhaled deeply. “I certainly cannot let you go alone, we will leave tonight Finn, allow us to gather ourselves.”


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